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Default {SOLVED} Perfect Server Debian, ISPConfig3 cant connect after applying firewall

Hello everyone. I'm a stone cold newbie but I've learned alot since starting this tutorial. Thanks for such a wealth of info in one place!

My problem is with the Perfect Server on Debian and ISPConfig 3. I was going thorough the next stage, Extending the Perfect Server on Debian Squeeze, and at the point where I add more ports to the firewall I add them as described in step 6: "Before changing a port to something else than the default, DON'T forget..."

Well while there I noticed that the port I was using for ISPConfig (52044) wasn't listed so I added it too. Then I hit Save.
All was well until I rebooted. Now I can access the sites, but I can't get to the ISPConfig control panel anymore.

I've tried restarting Apache.
I've removed the port 52044 from the ISPConfig database via phpmyadmin.
I've chewed my fingernails and googled until my eyes goggled.

So now I'm at a loss. Anyone have any ideas where I should look or what I should check?


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