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Default Issues with dummy slave


I've installed ispconfig as master/slave in Centos 6.2. Master was installed first, I've created a couple of DBs, sites, and DNS records.
Then, I installed the same version on the slave node, gave it the master root mysql password and the installation went just fine.
In both cases, I used root mysql users as indicated in the HowTo during the setup.
Now the issues is that if I create a site in the master panel but using the slave server as server, it does nothing, it appears in the master panel as green but it never shows up in the slave server nginx configuration.
If I log into the slave web panel, I don't see this site create neither any other site in the master it looks like an empty server.
If I go to the DNS sync tool in the slave server it doesn't find any record to replicate.
Looks like the slave server is not pulling the information from the master mysql database.

I tried to find errors in /var/log/ispconfig/ispconfig.log but they are empty..
any idea?
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