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Originally Posted by falko
You enter two DNS servers here that should be authoritative for your domains. Typically that would be the ISPConfig system itself and then a second server (I for example have a second ISPConfig server that I enter here). You must enter FQDNs here like;
Can I run both ns1 and ns2 from the same machine?

Originally Posted by falko
First, I registered a domain that I use for technical issues only, not for web sites or emails ( For that domain I bought "Managed DNS" and created the A records ns1 -
Is "Managed DNS" something like a license so that one can run our own DNS server? Or is it just a service for you to state the NameServer of your choice?

Originally Posted by falko
Then you should have used during ISPConfig installation. This output:
How can I change the ip now? I would have to learn to change it later, when I move my machine to a data centre with a static ip.

I also realised that I have 2 httpd directory located at /etc/httpd/ and /root/ispconfig/httpd/, does this mean I have 2 installation of the web server?
For each of the website that I create, should I be getting a new entry of virtualhost in httpd.conf?
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