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Default SSL IP configuration question

Hi falco,

on the folder system/ip adresses, do I set external or internal Ip for the customers?
What's the right way when I'm behind a router with a server and I have an internal IP on the webserver?
Setting the 'wrong' IP can refuse apache2 from starting. On my fb-page I get the following error now:

Fehler 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unbekannter Fehler.

messing around with this SSL ; ) *uh*
when I read the guide here I'd think it can be right only to set the internal IP


PS: I own the

ISPConfig 3 Manual
Version 1.2 for ISPConfig
Author: Falko Timme <youknow@yourmailadress.c0m>
Last edited 05/04/2011

but it's not explained here how to set it right

UPDATED: set the internal IP, deleted & re-create the certificate and after a few minutes facebook accepted the certificate again.
The problem is the fact that I'm the only 'client' who can create the certs due to the unique IP overlap, otherwise you'll see:

Is it possible to fix the message sec_error_untrusted_issuer?

Hm, now I found all domains redirected directly to my IP instead of the website folders, it's annoying : (

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