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Default ISPConfig 2: Firewall function not working


I'd like to prevent users from using POP3/IMAP other than via SSL. To do that I am attempting to use the firewall to close non-SSL POP3/IMAP ports.

I am having trouble getting the firewall function to work properly.

System: ISPConfig 2.2.40 running on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS configured as described in the Perfect Server Manual.

I activated all services under Management > Server > Services, including Firewall which was initially OFF. On the Firewall tab I set the following configuration:
Name         Port     Type      Active 
  FTP         21       tcp       no 
  SSH         22       tcp       yes 
  SMTP        25       tcp       yes 
  DNS         53       tcp       no 
  DNS         53       udp       no   
  WWW         80       tcp       yes 
  ISPConfig   81       tcp       yes 
  POP3        110      tcp       no 
  IMAP2       143      tcp       no 
  SSL (www)   443      tcp       yes 
  Webmin      10000    tcp       no 
  IMAPS       993      tcp       no
However, when performing a port scan I am seeing 53, 110, 143 open.
I have not seen any error messages.
I am avoiding configuring a firewall separately because I do not want to interfere with ISPConfig.
Does anyone have any hints?

Is there another way to ensure that users can only use SSL to connect to email services?

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