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Unhappy mistake in API add_client.php???

Hi, i'm trying to use the remote api so i can link my webhosting website to ispconfig and automatically add clients

this works, but when i log in with this newly created account with no user limits (quota = unlimited) the user can't add a database, website, maildomain, mailbox

when i add a client through ispconfig's panel and then log in with this user I can create a website, mailbox, maildomain, database.

So I went on a search and when I look in the clients tabel of de ispconfig database I can see a difference in the parent_client_id.

client added through remote api,parent_client_id = 1
client added through ispconfig panel, parent_client_id = 0

when I Changed de parent_client_id of the user made with the remote api to 0, suddenly he could add a website,database,...

So the next step was to edit the client_add function, the parameter parent_client_id was changed to 0.

But when I add this client and check it through the database it still gives a 1

so then i tried to comment out the paramater parent_client_id in the add_client function because in the table structure of clients the default value is zero, but still it is set to 1

I use the latest stable version of ispconfig 3 and Debian 6.0 (sqeeuze) and I followed the perfect setup for ispconfig 3 for Debian 6.0

thx for any advice in advance!

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