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Thanks for your reply.

So I should just go for clustering you say, which should allow me to spread the traffic over all servers and even with the Master Server going dead, the mirrors should take over.

[info_example: Router IP=, Firewall IP-in: (80/443 open for this IP only, or should I use DMZ ?) Firewall IP-out: (to switch / server network with DHCP) Master IP:, Slave 1 IP:, etc count++]

Do I need to create a VLAN (which the Dell P3448 supports) for my cluster, since on the Router (80/443) access is only open for the IP-Address ( to the Firewall, and on the firewall (80/443) are only open for the Master ( ?

I'm afraid that if my Master Server dies, the mirrors will take over, but aren't accessable from the outside, since (80/443) is only open on the Master Server ( and not the Slaves, example: Slave 1 (

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