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Default ISPConfig Load Balanced


I was wondering if the setup below is possible and how to achieve:

[Connection In]
Internet > Router (SiteCom) > Firewall (IPCop) > Switch (Dell P3448) >

[Server Netwerk]

Load Balancer 1 - Load Balancer 2 (heartbeat / keepalive)

(rsync, same content)
Web Server 1 (ISPConfig 3) - Webserver 2 (ISPConfig 3) - ... (ISPConfig 3)

[No Load Balance Needed Below]

MySQL Server

Mail Server

Backup Server

I'm trying to achieve that I can manage the web server(s) (duplicates), db server, mail server and backup server from ISPConfig and that the Web traffic is balanced over the available web servers and contain all the same web content and configuration files, if one webserver fails, others take over and keep balancing traffic on the remaining web servers. No needed for the DB, Mail and Backup server, only Web.

To make a long story short, I want ISPConfig load balanced :P

(I have a website which generates heavy load for (both http/https/mysql), which I want to balance over (if possible 6 systems) and still be able to host other websites, have a mail server and a mysql server to provide sponsored mail / web hosting, all manageable from ISPConfig)

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