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Default Looking for the following....

I'm looking for virtual users and domains in a mysql database using maildir format. I don't understand why the guide would be incompatible. I'm running CentOS-6. Did I miss something?

Personally, I dislike control panels as they do nothing but lead to yet another attack vector. Assuming someone did get into my server once I've locked it down, I'd like to assume they're too dumb to know enough SQL. (security through stupidity). Half the crackers out there are script kiddies (I'm guessing).


Originally Posted by till View Post
The howto that you followed is incompatible with ISPConfig 2. ISPConfig 2 uses a linux system user setup to manage email accounts while you used a guide for apostfix virtual user setup. So your setup can not work with ispconfig 2 and recompiling postfix is not required for ISPConfig 2.

You wil have tp decide what you want? A virtual user setup, then follow the guide above and dont install ispconfig2. If you want to use ispconfig 2, then dont use the guide above and instaed ise a perfect setup guide for ispconfig 2.

If you want to use a virtual user setup for email with a controlpanel, then you might want to use ispconfig 3 and this guide here instead:
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