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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Why don't you use the extension .php for these files instead of .html?
I suppose we could (which would be a lot of work changing all references to them in the site, project lists, external references, etc), but that doesn't address the server configuration issue. Most of the pages just have a few PHP variables that get expanded in place, and they'll get the PHP separated out in the future.

Since nginx is supposed to be able to handle this - and its not really a stretch to expect a web server to do this - we'd like to be able to mix PHP with HTML when necessary.

Clearly there's a setting in the current version of nginx/php-fpm that I've missed or screwed up. I doubt it's a permissions issue because the files used for testing are identical except for extension (including location, owner & group). Also, a plain HTML file (same location, owner & group) that will display properly with the default settings will generate the 403 error when the '\.html$' directive is in place.

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