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Default Run Ubuntu and Android simultaneosly on ARM using LXC.

Hello to everyone. Some time ago I bought the PandaBoard ES. This new board is very very nice. It's fast and powerful,even if a little bit limited with the only ubuntu arm operating system supported. When I work on the board I miss the X86 system. Since that I have understood that I can't have it,I wonder if I can virtualize Android while Ubuntu is running. I'm very interested to have these 2 os's run simultaneusly. After having studied the case,I'm sure there is a way : using the codezero hypervisor ( The problem is that I haven't found any tutorial that explain how to do...on the net there is only a video,on youtube..another way could be using LXC (Linux Containers). Since I'm almost a newbie,I have documented myself a little bit : I found this tutorial :

it seems to be very well written. He says the easiest way to set up an LXC-based container is to use an existing base operating system, such as the templates provided by the OpenVZ project,listed here :

but what about if I create a specific template for Android ?. If someone of you is experienced with this,could give me an advice ? I would know if my idea could works. Thanks.
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