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Originally Posted by TheRudy
1 more question! I also saw a few guys talking about option that your ISP acts as slave. What's the point in that? I mean if master goes down, slave would step in and that would load ISP page or whatever they set to load.. <--- Maybe i missread this and what i just said is complete crap lol
Just reread what i said and it really is crap!

It's actually like this: Use ISP as slave and then they redirect back to the IP.. IP is the same server as master so its no point in doing this either.. If master goes down then it means that server is down probably and redirect would have no effect at all..

Yes, 1 server as master and slave my only option currently..

Ups, forgot one important thing!
Would domain registrants have any problems if ns1 and ns2 would point to the same IP address? Probably they will

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