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great stuff that article! Don't know how i missed it..

Yeah so basically you need 2 servers, 1 as master and 1 as slave. I only have one which in the end means that i will have to use master and slave for 1 server only and if it dies, its dead.. If i had two servers and master dies, slave would step in and do the job as master for the time when master is dead. Did i get it right?

So untill i have at least 2 servers, i will have to use 1 server as master and slave. They will both point to the same ip..
Well it sucks but its my only option i guess..

1 more question! I also saw a few guys talking about option that your ISP acts as slave. What's the point in that? I mean if master goes down, slave would step in and that would load ISP page or whatever they set to load.. <--- Maybe i missread this and what i just said is complete crap lol
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