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Default ISPConfig Rails RVM passengergem bundler permission problem

Hi, Ive set up Rails over RVM following these howtos

Im running passenger under user "passenger" but Im expectiong problems with permissions.

Ive used
Multi-User installations - For server administrators - For an installation usable by all users on the system - Please note that Single-User supercedes Multi-User. This also used to be called the System-Wide Install. Using this type of installation without knowledge how umask works is a big security risk.
or is it better to install passenger under root with ISPC?

To which group should I add what user, so ISPCs permissions wont colide with passenger, if I want add sites over ISPC interface?

thanks for answers
IBM Server x3550 797841G, VMWare ESXi 5, Debian 6 Squeeze, ISPConfig 3, multi-server setup
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