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Default own DNS, 1 IP,... Options?


First off, sorry if this topic already exists, if so, please post me the link cause i couldn't find anything usefull or i managed to miss it

Right, my biggest problem is DNS stuff as with all new guys trying to do server stuff.. For start i will have 1 IP address available and i would like that each domain name that is hosted on my server, uses my DNS.

So hosted domain would point to:

Is it possible to use 1 IP address for master and slave? I know its really not recommended but i only have 1 ip currently.. What are my options?

I am familiar with services like where you set records for domain name and simply point to your server IP. This is what i don't want cause if you do whois on domain name, it will be their DNS listed there.

PS: Sorry for newbie questions but this DNS is something i can't get into my head.. never done anything with DNS so far (using everydns like services don't really count if you ask me..).. Did read LOTS of documents about DNS, how it works and stuff but its just confusing and i know you guys can explain it in a few sentences..
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