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Default Postfix Dovecot listen to mail.domain & smtp.domain

Not going to open another topic for this, but I've got a new problem.
The server always says my password is wrong (but I DO enter it CORRECT).
Someone who knows how to fix it?
Recorded a movie from how I create step by step a new email and try it in a webmail client. You can download the movie here (+-16MB, extracted +-26MB):

Originally Posted by Original topic

I have followed and installed this tutorial perfectly and everything works as it should work.

But how do I make the mail server listen to the subdomains and So I can connect to it from my mail clients on my laptop etc..
I do receive the emails on the server.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid LTS 32bit

PS: The tutorial is based on a HowToForge tut !

Thanks in advance,

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