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Default roundcube mail and pop3 display name prob. - bw and web space probs.


how to set default roundcube webmail display name and mail adr. in personal settings "Identities" "Display Name" and "E-Mail"

my default name and mail is "web1_name" and mail adr. is

why "www" ???

ok display name is not importance but i want defult set. e-mail adr. with out "www" hostname..

and for all domains i add co-domain with out "www" hostname .. because i create new site without hostname.. ispc add "www" host for all domains by default.. i hate this ( ...
and i create only site without Co-Domains.. my website running only with and mails deivered to ....
and for reason i add co-domains ... etc... in roundcube and pop3 mails always my mail adr or "Delivered-To:"

my ISPConfig virtusertable Configuration File web1_name web1_name web1_name


and bandwidth (traffic) limit not work for sites..
web_space mb for users default settings is "-1" ... what this ? and i set "0" for disable user web ... but not work.

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