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Originally Posted by till View Post
cpanel creates a new website (vhost), they just label it differently.
Why cant you guys do the same as cpanel?
I ask this because if i want to sell a hosting package with 5 domains and unlimited subdomains, i cant.
When the customer have 5 main domains already, then cant make a new site for subdomains.

domain1.tld 1/5
domain2.tld 2/5 sub.domain2.tld it is only a redirect to domain2.tld/subdir but not subdomain
domain3.tld 3/5
domain4.tld 4/5
domain5.tld 5/5
sub.domain2.tld 6/5 error, there is no more website available.

So the package failed because i can give unlimited redirect only instead subdomain.
Cant understand why dont you guys see the problem with this solution.
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