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Default Email import, empty jobqueue


apparently copying /var/vmail and importing mail_domain and mail_user tables in mysql ( change server ID etc. ) is not enough for everything to work. mail users and domains work 100% but when I go to ispconfig -> Email -> Domain, in "Server" there is no server attached to each domain, when I create a new domain in ispconfig it's the only one that has, in my case mail-01.domain.tld as Server. And therefor if I create a mailbox for the newly created domain it's processing my requests normally to the jobqueue and everything runs fine but not for the imported one's, nothing gets processed to the jobqueue

This is not a big deal when I have 10 domains, where I can recreate the domains and mailboxes and lastly copy over /var/vmail but if I have 100 domains and my primary mail server crashes.. I'll need a quick importing solution. Any experience on this?
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