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Ok, you are right, it works, thanks.
But i have some questions. I red on other posts your replies say that that's how apache works(i guess nginx too). But how does cpanel manage to do it without a new website? No offense, i am just curious.
Now second and more important. I don't want to have one ftp for every website. If i have 10-20 subdomains(then 10-20 websites) it's not handy to have to use 10-20 ftp accounts. I tried change the home directory of my ftp user to have /var/www/clients/client1/ as root but i can't see files of any site than the one i entered at the site field of the ftp user at the creation time, i cant just browse the directories. It would be handy a client could browse and upload files to all of his sites.
Is that at any way possible? Something like admin ftp account?
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