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Default Notification on new email to external email adress?


Im running Ubuntu and ISPConfig3.

I have a mailbox, and I want to send a notification email to a external email adress when that email box have a new email. Something like "You got a new email login to to read it".

For what I understand I need to use procmail to achieve this. But how do I setup that script?

Since its vmail all accounts are in /var/vmail/

Is this where I should put the script file, or where do I put it? Also how do I activate it?

I cant seem to find any useful guides with the setup ubuntu + ispconfig3 + vmail

Also, another question, how do I make the script to only send a notification if the new email is a good email, and not for example spam mails (assume i somehow ignore mails with ***SPAM*** in the title)?

Thankful for some tips and help!
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