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Today oddly enough the DNS server that I reinstalled from scratch to work again, except for some areas, I had to re-enter all areas, because if I use the Backup of the database does not work anymore, even if the gate areas and recreate, to I have to rip it to work the process from scratch and then enter the zones.

I can say with some logic that has generated the problem with the update, because I do not know which areas also written correctly on the files of BIND, stop responding, while the second DNS server that I have not reinstalled, still does not work, I noticed that has not completed all the updates, if I repeat the update procedure, the problem arises very own BIND indicating that the reconfiguration has completed.

For those not up to date, I would recommend not to upgrade anything, until this matter is not resolved.

If you can serve the area that I can not run contrary to other this syntax (example)

I do not know what to do further investigation, if anyone wants to give me directions are very willing to perform the further investigations.

For now move to a different DNS domains.

I thank my readers, though I would have liked to have a confrontation with someone, maybe because of my bad English googloliano or because they are still considered a incopetente, was a solitary walk, I hope to be liked by someone and that I can Help the Holy Spirit.

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