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Originally Posted by till View Post
What do you mean with second part?

In which way is it incomplete? Are there still english strings inside the exported file that you replaced and saved before?
Second part means this:
- first I've merged hr & eng languages and started with translation
- then I decided to take a break, and I exported hr language file
- after break I've imported previously exported hr language file
- did a merge just to check if everything is OK, but it wasn't becouse it merged again same strings from the first merge, and it's even saying that version is old (3.0.4) but in exported hr language file version is
- then I decided to translate/check everything and export
- opened hr.lng with txt editor to check strings, it was OK
- imported it to ispconfig successfully but the ISPConfig was still in english and merge retured AGAIN same strings as before

hope it's clear now
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