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Default Newbie DNS totally confuse.


Total newbie to linux and ISPConfig here, please be patient.

Been trying to find out more about ISPConfig but getting real confused here. Here are some of my questions.

Basic ones to start with;
1. What is the correct default page to see? (Apache home page, or a page that says welcome to!)
2. What is Master DNS/ Slave DNS?
3. What is SOA?
4. What is DMZ?

5. Senario question:
I wish to host multiple sites from a dynamic ip. How are things suppose to work? Below is my understanding, correct me if I am wrong.

I register 2 domain name with (eg,,
From domain registar (, i set the Nameserver to point to DNS (, free dns service). From I point it to my external ip.
On my router (ip, I forward it to my internal ip ( - my server, CentOS).

Here is the problem;
- Do I have to create a DNS record within ISPConfig DNS Manager for each domain that points to me? (ie. Enter the for SOA and give it an internal ip? eg. and
- Do I need to create a new Master DNS and Slave DNS for each domain ( and
- Under DNS Manager option tab, what should I set the Name Server 1 and Name Server 2 to be?
- Under the ISP Manager, I should create a new site and set the ip address to the internal ip that is assigned to each domain? eg.> and>
- And finally I have to set a Co-domain for each one site?

6. Also a little confuse with the different directory.
- /var/www/ and /usr/www/, what is their purpose and difference?

Thanks in advance
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