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Default HowTo - upgrade openSuSE 11.4 to 12.1

First, love your site, Спасибо.

Second, Your 'howto' on updating openSuSE 11.4 (KDE 4.6) to 12.1 (KDE 4.7) has been the easiest to understand. However, when I try to update with either zypper or YaST2 I get somewhere between 96 and 192 packages that they (the system) wants to 'DISINSTALL' Not update or upgrade..
text list of files to deinstall per YaST2
zypper text from console:

active repos via zypper console
*note: I made sure I was up to date in 11.4, before I disabled the 11.4 repositories per your instructions.

I started to go thru them, but they are saying the a package need x file, but nothing supplies that file... options, deinstall, break dependency, etc.

screenshots of YaST2 errors:
YaST2 upper portion
YaST2 lower portion

Please help, I have 7 systems in my house, all running some release of SuSE / openSuSE and this is the only one that gives me trouble and it's the only one running 11.4 (KDE 4.6) so I think it's the 11.4 because my 11.2 and 12.1 systems work great. The changes in 12.1 (KDE 4.7) over 11.4 are not numerous, but enough that 12.1 works much better.

Thank you.
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