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Default Can't create New domains or emails

I posted this on another section of the website however I just noticed (after much google searching) that there is a section for ISPConfig on this site. Please forgive my double post however it's important that I get this resolved.


I just finished the initial setup of ISPConfig while following this guide:

I'm having problems with creating a new email domain and sending email. When I sent a telnet email to the new server, I get the following error in the maillog:
temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Unable to open mailbox.
When I try to setup outlook for the new account, I see this error:
Jan 17 13:12:29 NT-MAIL01 pop3d: Connection, ip=[::ffff:]
Jan 17 13:12:29 NT-MAIL01 pop3d: chdir /var/vmail/ No such file or directory
When looking in the /var/vmail/ directory, I see that no folders have been created for the domain or user:
[root@NT-MAIL01 vmail]# ll
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jan 16 17:04 mailfilters
How can I get this to work?
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