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yep it's new player. but i have seen lot of tutorials for apache+fpm and i think php-fpm bacomes new standart in php-wrappers bringing superior options over fastcgi or su-php, whatever else. i haven't begun buiding my own hosting yet. but in couple months i will. it would be (free) hosting for at least 500-1000 users in the beginning, with dedicated rigs per service, runniing ISP-Confing apache, php-fpm and dovecot.... i can't users suggest nginx+php-fpm becouse apache is still much more common. While doing researches about php wrappers i was amazed with future stack of *FPM.
so it would be nice to have option in ISP-Config to choose between FastCGI and PHP-FPM (maybe su-php as well).
Have a nice day.
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