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Originally Posted by epretorious View Post
Checking the package's scripts and the package list reveals the problem, however: There are no init.d scripts for the clamd service - only the init.d script for clamav!
Therefore, it stands to reason that there's an error in Step 14 ("Install Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin And ClamAV"):
[eric@ispconfig-1 suphp-0.7.1]$ sudo chkconfig --del clamd
error reading information on service clamd: No such file or directory
Could this be due to a recent change in the clamd package?
[eric@ispconfig-1 ~]$ rpm -q --changelog clamd | head
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Philip Prindeville <> - 0.97.3-2
- Add missing clamd-wrapper supporting files
- Remove from init script the unused CLAMD_SOCKET variable

* Tue Oct 18 2011 Nick Bebout <> - 0.97.3-1
- Update to 0.97.3
- Fix CVE-2011-3627 clamav: Recursion level crash fixed in v0.97.3
I'll send Philip (above) an e-mail letting him know about the bug.
Eric Pretorious,
Truckee, CA
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