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The only reason the regex is what it is, it's because I copied it from a website. The scriptkiddies look for hundreds and I do mean hundreds of things, probably every .php and component known to man.

I don't care if it bans someone it shouldn't at this stage, I'm just tired of haveing these massive scripts run by 10 or more different IPs every day. I end up with logfiles of thousands of lines.

Rather than mess with the existing file, I went to run level 5 and cut and pasted your regex to a new file called apache-newpma.conf so I could be sure there were no typos, and ran that.

There must be a problem in the script because when I ran the same failregex on the same file using apache-newpma it was a mass of error messages. I tried to paste it into here by I get a message that I have 23 images in my message!

`- Number of matches:
[1] 0 match(es)
[2] 0 match(es)

|- Regular expressions:
`- Number of matches:


Sorry, no match

Look at the above section 'Running tests' which could contain important

It might be easier and better to PM me and I can send you the files and/or give you access if it would help.

Getting the apache-pma to work for the script probes would be good, but we also get thousands of file not found as well!

I REALLY appreciate what you are doing - don't worry about the english, I read they have a 37% illiteracy rate in the UK, so you are doing a lot better!
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