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Ah, thank you for pointing-out that the filter being applied has 4.5 for the tag2 level. It is the "Normal" filter that is being applied.

In Email -> Spamfilter -> User / Domain, the "Normal" filter has a priority of 5, and the "Auto-Delete Really Spammy Spam" filter has a priority of 10.

So, this all makes sense. The part I was missing is the Priority.

I have lowered the priority for the "Auto-Delete Really Spammy Spam" filter to 1 and expect that this will correct the issue.

My only question: is there any means by which to avoid having to double-check (and potentially change) the Priority value for every user to whom a new policy is applied?

To be clear, I would prefer that user-level policies always take precedence over domain-level policies.

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