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Exclamation Email copy and forward problem

Hi. I'm using ISPConfig with postfix and maildrop on a Ubuntu LTS Server production environment and I'm facing a LOT of problens concerning the email copy feature.

Don't matter if I use "Send copy to" direct to the Destionation Email or if I "Send copy to" a Email Forward email, in both cases the same problens happens.

First case: <Send copy to>

What happens:
1- a@ reach it's quota limit
2- Everytime postfix try to delivery a email to a@, in the mail.log we will see "Permission denied maildrop: maildir over quota."
3- A copy of this email is sent over to b@
4- Now b@ have a bunch of duplicated emails and they will keep coming till someone clean a@ inbox.

There is a way to "fix" that?
I mean, b@ should receive only a copy of the first attenpt or at least a copy of the delivered email, not the denied ones.

Second case: <Send copy to> (Email forward one) <Forward a copy to>,, <Send copy to> <Send copy to> <Send copy to>

What happens:
1- a@ got a new mail
2- A copy goes to cc.a@
3- cc.a@ forwards a copy to b@, c@ and d@
4- b@ send a copy to x@
5- c@ send a copy to x@
6- d@ send a copy to x@
7- x@ got 3 new duplicated emails

I believe that a copied email must stop in his first destination and not spread to the entire chain. The way postfix do when we add more destinations to the virtual file, like in: usrA, usrB, usrC usrB, usrX usrC, usrX

There is a way to "fix" that spread behavior of ispconfig?

Thanks for any help.
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