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Originally Posted by cbj4074 View Post
So, it appears to be a configuration problem relative to your database. Why the parser is descending into the "multiserver setup" block is beyond me... unless, of course, you elected to configure for multiserver during install.

That said, you shouldn't have to be debugging PHP code to get ISPConfig up-and-running. Either there's a bug in the code or your DB setup is fundamentally flawed.

I could be wrong

Thanks for your analysis. I did wonder when looking at the code if it could be a database problem. mysqld shows no failed logins which is what I suspected the most likely problem would be.

I didn't choose multi-server as far as I know and I'm not sure how my DB setup could get so messed up already, since it was installed/setup as part of the ISPConfig installation.

I'm about to wipe all the packages just down to the base os and try installing via the Perfect Server guide again. Thanks for all your help, i'll let you know if the problem reproduces.
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