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Originally Posted by ChaoticReality View Post
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function connect() on a non-object in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/server.php on line 43
The error means that $app->dbmaster is not an object, which seems unusual.

 * Try to Load the server configuration from the master-db
if ($app->dbmaster->connect()) {
If we follow the trail, we find the following in server/lib/app.php, line 44:

Initialize the connection to the master DB, 
if we are in a multiserver setup

if($conf['dbmaster_host'] != '' && $conf['dbmaster_host'] != $conf['db_host']) {
	$this->dbmaster = new db;
} else {
	$this->dbmaster = $this->db;
So, it appears to be a configuration problem relative to your database. Why the parser is descending into the "multiserver setup" block is beyond me... unless, of course, you elected to configure for multiserver during install.

That said, you shouldn't have to be debugging PHP code to get ISPConfig up-and-running. Either there's a bug in the code or your DB setup is fundamentally flawed.

I could be wrong
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