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With the new year I had the confirmation that I wanted. The stats updated normally.
The only problem, is that I could not see the update. But the update was there!

The problem was the lines:
        if (date("d") == 1)
                $month = date("m")-1;
                if (date("m") == 1)
                        $year = date("Y")-1;
                        $month = "12";
in the file ......stats/index.php

Anyway. The stats dissappeared for only one day. When the day was 2 the stats appeared normal.

A quick fix is to comment out every instance of the above code in every index.php of every site.

Another fix (is a bad fix because we have to mess up with core) is to comment out the above lines in:


I did the second. The bad thing is that I must remember this when the new update of ISPConfig will be ready.
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