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As I mentioned problem outlook smtp error. Outlok mail receive no problem. Send problem.
I understand that this problem is a problem with sending. That is exactly why I requested that you try sending mail to my domain -- so I can help you debug by seeing what happens when your mail is sent to my server.

The problem is not with Outlook, and it is not with Postfix. We have eliminated those two items as possible causes. The only possible cause is the receiving server.

Squirrelmail send mail no problem. Pressing send button- mail send but 404 Not Found page. It does not matter, but I want to fix.
Absolutely. I understand your desire to fix this problem, as it is not normal.

Please check your Apache access.log for SquirrelMail to see which resource is being requested when the 404 error occurs.

I don't use SquirrelMail (I use Roundcube, which seems by far superior), so I will be of limited help in that regard.
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