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Originally Posted by tbctr View Post
Thank you very much till and falko.
falko server ip no blacklisted.
Problem solved. Problem my isp. isp said no problem port, then I phoned a few times. They solved the problem. Now I have two small problem:
1. squirrelmail compose mail, write and send mail after 404 Not Found page but mail send no problem.
2. Microsoft Outlook smtp error. Mail receive no problem. Send mail not connected smtp.
Thanks for your insights, Falko. I realize that you already made this suggestion once in this thread, and it's time for the OP to post his hostname or IP address if he expects further responses, as we have no means by which to confirm his assertion that his IP is not blacklisted absent that information.

Just to confirm, the blacklist check is made after the connection to the recipient's mail server is established, which would explain why he can telnet to the Hotmail MX server but cannot send mail to it. Correct?

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