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Default added mailbox

Originally Posted by cbj4074 View Post
Does this same issue occur when you create another email user from within the ISPConfig interface? Say,

It's interesting that you were able to send mail from a Gmail account via the SMTP server in question without issue.

I've added a new mailbox for - same results as previous attempts...
See this screenshot of evolution account setup...
On the recieving email tab there is 'Authentication type' -> 'check for supported types' button, which successfully queries the server - then on the 'sending email' tab - > 'check for supported types' returns the error in the screenshot...?

While we're going through the mail configuration, is it important at this stage that I'd like the webmail domain to be '' ...
Would it be appropriate to make a sub-domain '' and just for uniformity make '' the IMAP server and the SMTP server instead of '' as they are now...
Can you clarify something for me... about sub-domains, once I own and host a domain I can create as many sub-domains of that domain as needed..? and registration of sub-domains is not required as they are resolved via their parent domain..?

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