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Not really.. for alot of things there where no or no good manuals.. which is where we created and contributed our own.

In the end - thats what we are paid for.

This time i made a slight adjustment to my script and gone with master-master mysql and some other minor modifications (even tho i hate master-master with some decent monitoring scripts etc etc it should be alright.. tho we are still heavily testing this setup and try to make it crash / splitbrain :P)

with this minor modification my own setup works.
Unfortunatly i ran out of time to do it fully the way i want it (as in setup with failover) as my deadline is wensday

I will give you one tip however: in the IT branch specially opensource - nothing is impossible it all just depends how far your willing to go to achieve your goals. You as an author should know this best of all :P
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