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hehe.. Then how come it only gets stuck on the user replication? the rest works fine.
On a side note: then this would be the first thing EVER that i failed to cluster (so far i clustered everything in Unix, Linux and Windows.. this includes IIS, even Filezilla servers are loadbalanced in our environments :P)

1) you can not call it a load balanced setup without a master/master a master / slave is NOT a load balanced cluster this is simply a cluster. (the one that exists for ages and ages :P).

2) If all ISPconfigs need to run mysql for it to work in the panel.. how exactly can i run a failover mysql using isppanel? that only leaves the option for a master/ master setup in mysql which is defenatly not recormended practise.
(both being able to run + write to eachother = Once the connection breaks mysql can act "funny" in some cases whiping alot of data.)

3) both servers are in ISPconfig WITH their own states (as in whats running on what system and for example 1 of them complains about mysql being down.).

4) I don't mind turning off the extra configs HOWEVER we stumble over the "must have mysql on it's own" problem (which i guess is why mirroring never worked for me. ps: why do you even give the option of installing it on any other database server other then localhost?)

5) for my current problem there is always a backup option to let the systems replicate the user files etc however this is not a lovely option AND i'm pretty sure this issue can be solved if i got some more understanding of how isppanel works
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