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well the setup is incomplete on behalf of MAINLY the mysql.
you can not keep 2 mysql's up2date using that setup without either a reload or restart command. (if you load/save data OUTSIDE ispconfig that is on either mysql on host1 or mysql on host2)

Secondary --> Quota on debian squeeze with UID disks does not function like that neither, etc:
How it works in debian squeeze : errors=remount-ro,usrjquota=aquota.user,,jq fmt=vfsv0

Third --> once i completed the setup using drbd + ocfs2 instead of glusterFS --> the site log (created new site) did not sync.

located in :/var/log/ispconfig/ --> without this host2 apache did not start.

Fail2ban is left relatively unconfigured.. leaving alot of improvements on security (ssh / mysql / apache)

However .. i must say it was a great guide and helped me alot so far.

I'm not a big fan of mysql master-master .. i have seen many corperations obtaining huge dataloss duo to minor bugs with this setup.

Failover mysql is from our expirience the best "bullet proof" setup.
This means either use a seperated 2 Servers for mysql storage OR simply find a way around the defaults.

Also a single master panel - is not load balanced thats an old fashion cluster with 1 master and slaves (loadbalanced == master master )

So to keep this simple - ispconfig can not be edited in such a way to create users / groups WITHOUT a master AND slave database?

(remember my setup uses master // master database).

If so.. where's the scripts located responsible for creating users/groups?

Hosts file we got it a bit more advanced with 2 different networks for each servers, shared ip's etc
In addition to that we got our internal DNS servers (3x) linked to the hostnames as a fall back.

If you want i can send you the entire txt file with every single step i took. (also got screenshots of some areas like the drbd setup using LCMC)
The file system section is still a bit messy duo to the user perms tho.
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