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The mirror setup is complte, i know several setups that uses it. Your servers are configured wrong hen, as users, apache config logfiles etc is synced by ispconfig internally, so they may not be synced by another method or he systm must fail.

As far as i can see, you have a mysql auth problem and a wrong setup regarding mysql so hat the secondary mysql instance can not connect to mysql on the master server to sync he data ss you have no secondary mysql intance.

The first step to fix that is to remove all syncing hat you added beside he irectories /var/www and /var/vmail. Then uninstall idpconfig on h lave and follow th mirror tutorisl to instsll it again by using two separat mysql servers as described in the guide.

Ispconfig can not work if both servers use the same database. Asispconfig can not mirror the onfiguration between the servs then as it thinks hat the data is mirrored is a must that each server has its mysql server and ispconfig has to connect to the datbase on localhost.
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