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Hey and thanx for your quick reply.

I used the mirroring tutorial as a guideline however this is very incomplete and out of date in some cases like quorum.

with loadbalancing there is a need for equal sites (files) , users (usr db) etc.

the primary server (initially) is configured following the guidelines of the mirror tutorial.

The secondary server has drbd + ocfs2 storage for live sync (instead of glusterFS which is outdated and.. blocklevel tends to be the better party :P)

This however in the tutorial missed the log files area.. apache config is not synced etc.. (so where the site existed on one server - it didn't on the other).

so in addition to that tutorial i figured to sync apache's files (so the vhosts etc is all correct) -
This is where you hit issues with the username and group.

The test site is missing web1 and client0 (user // group)

this is created in Host1 --> Host2 is not updated.

However i have to admit host2 is a little bit modified: it is using the same database as host1 --> therefor has the same functions as host1.

at the moment their both perfect for loadbalancing besides the apache2 user// group and mysql creation of databases (just the creating part inside ispconfig)..

host2 is set as mirror server in isppanel.

Any idea what might of gone wrong here? (ps for me it never synced even before the modifications --> Host1 showed the welcome page while Host2 showed the IT WORKS! page of apache.)

At the moment host1 shows the welcome page and host2 shows 403 forbidden (because of the user/ group issue)

Passwd file:


Another handy info:
I'm using Debian Squeeze x64

In addition to this -->
mySQL is set to Failover using heartbeat (master-master simply is not functioning that well and hits issues with high loads)
So host1 OR host2 is only running mySQL and not BOTH
Their both configured to use linsql --> Which is pointing to the failover SQL ip.

In the end mySQL == Failover and the rest (EVERYTHING) is loadbalanced.
I'm not talking about a backup or active/passive server.. for web servers thats just a complete waste of resources.
however Loadbalancing requires identical servers.. this includes the panel (which is now nearly identical with my setup - just got this 1 real issue left and 1 to be improved :P).
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