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Question Loadbalanced ISPconfig - Apache2 users/ groups


I have been working on this for quite a while.. but.. i'm neaarrllyyy there haha.
I have got a nearly full functioning ISPconfig (fully loadbalanced) running.

But i have hit a little bumb in the road: apache2 plus the users created/ configured by ispconfig.

So.. to keep things simple.. how can i make ISPconfig panel duplicate the username/group on 2 servers? (or use LDAP for this)

Basically on every site creation it's my understanding that it creates a new user/group.. this causes my apache on the second server to fail to start unless i manually replicate the user.

The second little glitch (less seriouse) mySQL: it only creates databases and users from the Primary server.. is there a way to make it use a global address to create it with? (at the moment mysql in failover mode has to be on host1 inorder for ISPconfig to create the user/pass - Other then that the full mysql continues to function fine on every other server - in other words the mysql server has to pick favoures by being loaded on primary server - indead of any random server JUST for ISP panel)

Hopefully i'm making enough sence for some of you to help me out who got a greater understanding of how ISPconfig works.

Once my setup is fully done i will post the full setup howto
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