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Default Evolution receives email but no send to server...

Thanks for your response Falko,

changed username from 'username' to ''
Evolution now receives mail for, but I tried to reply to my gmail address and had an error sending... below is the evolution account settings and the error...

Receiving Email
-Server Type
-Configuration Port:143
Use secure connection
-No encryption
-TLS encryption
-SSL encryption (thought this was correct option)
Authentication Type ('Check for Suported Types' button query selects 'Password' option)
-Remember password (checkbox ticked)
Sending E-mail
-Server Type
Server Cofiguration Port:25
-Server requires authentication (checkbox ticked)
Use secure connection
-No encryption
-TLS encryption
-SSL encryption (thought this was correct option, have tried No, TLS and SSL - no success)
Type:PLAIN ***(Check for Supported Types' button)***
-Remember password (checkbox ticked)

***error when 'Check for Supported Types' button query***
for Authentication option;
"Failed to query server for a list of supported authentication mechanisms.
Could not connect to Connection reset by peer"

note: evolution doesn't mind self signed SSL, it pops up a window displaying my SSL cert' details with option to continue even though 'signature:bad'... which it does fine (because I trust the certificate)

I checked the ISPConfig firewall to make sure the correct TCP ports are open...
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