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Default Need help with ISPConfig Mail and Squirrelmail


I've set up 1 client with a domain, site, ftp and email@thesamedomain... the email isn't quite working.
I've tried a test email to the new address but when trying to make new account, Evolution had a problem with authentication - I think I recall during the perfect server install that an SSL certificate was generated for mail authentication so I chose SSL authentication in evolution...

Also after the perfect server install (Ubuntu 10.04) Squirrelmail has a problem too.
On the webmail page I can't login?

I'm not sure where to start with this so if someone can assist with the mail configuration...

update - well it must be working because because about 20mins later the mailbox sent the copy of my test email (labeled ***SPAM***) to my gmail address as in Mailbox settings...
Is the Evolution account problem possibly because the server uses a self-signed SSL certificate?

Also during evolution new account setup check for IMAP authentication type verified password nicely, but for SMTP authentication check it stalled indefinately..?

Thanks in advance...

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