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Default Increase partition

Ive recently upgraded my virtual machine which is running Lenny and ispconfig. The size of the hard disk has been increased from 10 to 20gb.

Im trying to increase the size of sda2 ext3 bootable partition whils it is still mounted using cfdisk.

I understand I should use cfdisk to delete the current partition and create a new one of an increased size.

So I start this..

Cfdisk /sda

I highlight partition sda2

Delete partition

Write to disk yes

Create new parition,

But if I try to create a partition any larger than the original nothing seems to happen.?

Kernel 2.6.26-2 amD64

I wouldn't normally use this part of the forum for this question, but my second question is, would it be preferable to just create sda3 and then copy /var to the new partition but mount it it from the original position ?
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