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Originally Posted by till View Post
Do you mean a cgi application with ending .cgi or .pl or do you talk about .php files? The most common problem are permissions and file ownership. You should make sure that the files and folders inside the "web" folder are owned by the web user and client group of this website. Then you might want to check if the security level is set to high under System > server config > web as thats the recommended level.
Thank you.
Yes. It is a serious conflict for me. First, I need to run CGI applications with ending .cgi or .pl outside the cgi-bin folder so I disabled the SuEXEC in installation but I get the problem about php application cannot remove the folder because of www-data premission. That is the problem I need to solve.

P.S. run in FAST-CGI mode and all files and folders inside the "web" folder owned by the web user and client group and Medium Security level

Enable susxec-->CGI got 500 Internal Server Error, PHP run as web user and client group
disable suexec-->CGI run fine, PHP run as www-data and happen cannot remove problem

Can I set to low Security level to allow 777 to files with suexec?
This is very a stressed problem for me.

Please help.....
Thank you very much.
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