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Default Problem with password when adding new mailbox

Guys, please help, I'm pulling my leftovers of my hair here

I have taken the same configuration of remote API that adds mail_user database and i can view it in mail_user table , however when trying to open the mail trough roundcube webmail I cannot register, however when i go to ispconfig admin and change the password for the mailbox and save,
wala i enter, and i dont want to reset manually the password for every creation I do.

$params = array('server_id' => 1,
'email' =>$full_insert_email,
'login' =>$full_insert_email,
'password' => $password2,
'name' =>$_SESSION['eng_name1'],
'uid' =>500,
'gid' =>500,
'maildir' => '/var/vmail/XXXX/'.$_insert_mail,
'quota' => 104857600,
'homedir' =>'/var/vmail/',
'autoresponder' =>'n',
'autoresponder_start_date' =>'',
'autoresponder_end_date' =>'',
'autoresponder_text' =>'',
'move_junk' =>'n',
'custom_mailfilter' =>'spam',
'postfix' =>'y',
'disableimap' =>'n',
'disablepop3' =>'n',);
$domain_id = $client->mail_user_add($session_id,1 , $params);

Thank you
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