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Originally Posted by till View Post
You should change the ispconfig databases back to myisam.
Tried that - it was the same. I remembered what it was now - the update process takes a while, and I'd set the mysql conf to timeout in less than 5 seconds, as recommended by mysqltuner. I changed it to 12 and it worked fine.

Originally Posted by till View Post
By the way, who recommended you to change the ispconfig database dbispconfig to innodb when the ispconfig installer explicitely creates them as myisam (see sql dump)?
I was just having trouble with an incredibly slow Wordpress install, and started changing tables from there, then I changed Zen Cart, then I changed phpbb - with each one, I definitely noticed the 25% speed increase that people were suggesting that InnoDB should give. And with the extra reliability and data integrity of innodb and with it now being the default, I just thought I might as well do all the remaining tables which were myisam.

I also thought that scripts were agnostic as far as the table engine being used? I've not come across any script which cared whether it was myISAM or InnoDB before, only an old one which used MyISAM indexes.
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