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Red face Getting off the hook

So when comes the first issue if "A Day in the life of the newB"??

At least this will entertain you if nothing else...
I've been working on this ALL day since 7 yesterday morning till 23:40
last night. 5 installations, two diffirent loser pc's later...I just checked my cabels
and realise (to a certain...I don't know what) that pc A is plugged into the router while pc B is not. PC B is the newly installed pc so no wonder I cant connect to the net. But this is where I will quit pondering...last night I pinged my router from pc B and picked it up........maybe I should write to the makers of "The Twilight ZoNe"?

Thank you for your concern and help though...

P.S. - now I know how to try and ping google aswell seeing that I tried that not knowing how to do it correctly...thnx
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